Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A blog for the Monkeys!

I am creating this blog to keep family updated about the kids, I have been slacking on that so I am getting back into it!

So check back often, I will update as much as possible, so now Papaw & Mamaw and the rest of the family can see how the kids are doing :)

Here Goes:

Kaiden is enjoying kindergarten he is going full time now, and loves his new class and teacher. He seems to be doing really well now, and learning so much more. Kaiden has 4 teeth missing at the moment, his top 3 and 1 on the bottom. He has enjoyed spedning his toothfairy coins...he got a toy frog you can put in the water and it doubles its size. He is still in love with all his squishy toys, lizards, snakes those seem to be his thing. He told me he will work at the zoo when he grows up and plans to take care of the gorillas ...not the monkeys becuase they can jump on your face...LMAO!!! He also said he will take care of all the lizards. He is really ready for summer to come, he has told me he plans to ride his bike without the training wheels and also plans to swim under water more and get really good at it. So we shall see :)

Lillia is just way to cute these days, shes in one of my favorite stages. She is all smiles and likes to make her presence known....she can be very vocal at times. She loves to jump in her jumparoo, and as she holds onto your fingers. She has only taken 2 steps on her own so far but I know anyday now she is going to suprise me and walk across the room! She likes to eat her gerber poofs, and i just had her try some cheerios and she loved them! I think its a matter of time before she will be demanding regular foods....and we are on the countdown to starting Milk...Yippee No more expesive formula!!! Shes a very happy girl, I am planning her first birthday party which is just amazing that shes going to be 1 already! Of course her party will be fairy themed...complete with a tinkerbell cake!!! :) hehehe. She has 2 bottom teeth and working on 4-5 on her top there all just a little poked through poor thing has had some rough nights with those.

Well thats all I can think of for now , I will post more soon!

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